Join the Fun and Fellowship at our Annual Family Fling Potluck Dinner and People's Choice Magic Showcase! The fun starts at 6:00 PM on ______________ at New Horizons Fellowship, 820 E. Williams St. in Apex. Invite your family members, guests, neighbors, co-workers - Everyone is Welcome to share the fun of this Magical Open House!

Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish, casserole, and/or dessert. A selection of beverages and tableware (plates, glasses, utensils, and napkins) are provided by the Ring. Please sign up and select your dinner contribution(s) at:


You can also sign up by going to and login using Last Name: Ring 199   Passcode: 7425.

Following dinner, the Ring will host it's annual Open Mic Showcase of magical talent featuring four categories:

  • Stage & Parlor Magic (Open to Everyone)
  • Close-Up Magic (Open to Everyone)
  • Youth Magic (Open to performers aged 7 through 17 years)

And our NEW Category for 2017:

  • Potpourri (Talents other than Magic - Anything [Family Friendly] Goes!)
    • Musical, Comedy, Dance, Ventriloquism, Puppetry, Juggling - You Name It!


  • Each performance is timed and must last eight (8) minutes or less, not counting set-up/take-down time. 
    • Performances exceeding eight (8) minutes are automatically disqualified.
    • Performers are allotted up to two (2) minutes set-up and up to two (2) minutes take-down time. 
  • Performance space must be clean and dry immediately following performance.
    • If using confetti or other messy materials, come prepared to clean it.
    • (i.e., Bring your own vacuum cleaner, broom, sponge, etc). 
  • Backdrop, sound system, and microphones (headset & stand) will be provided.
    • Music must be on CD or USB thumb drive. Remote control or tech support will be available.
  • Performers may compete in up to two categories.
    • Youth performers must compete in Youth Category, then, if desired, may choose one other.
    • Adults 18 & older may not compete in the Youth Category.
  • All performances must be clean and family friendly.
    • Content deemed questionable will be stopped immediately.
  • The Family Audience will select the top performer in each category. 
    • Ballot Judge decisions are final. 
  • Performance space in the room is limited - Please plan your performance accordingly.
  • Have Fun!

PERFORMERS! Only five (5) slots are available in each category. To hold YOUR showcase slot, please sign up for the category or categories of your choice at: 


You can also sign up by going to and login using Last Name: Ring 199   Passcode: 7425.

Bring your Friends & Family for a magical evening of Food, Fellowship, and Fun!