Past International President (1990-91) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Appeared in 12 Broadway shows including The Duchess of Malfr (1946) with Elizabeth Bergner and John Carradine, Finian's Rainbow and Neil Simon's first hit Come Blow Your Horn. Presented the Margo Jones Award in 1962 for having presented the most new playwrights in the United States at his Buck County Playhouse. He was also one of the judges for the 1962 Miss America Pageant. Broken Wand 1969.


Past Territorial Vice President for the International Brotherhood of Magicians, North Carolina. Creator of The Szechuan Sampler mentalist effect.


Past International President (1985-86) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I.B.M. Medallion of Honor recipient (2012) - the I.B.M.'s highest honor.  Trustee of the Endowment and Development Fund (1982-Present).


Past International President (2007-08) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Parade Editor,The Linking Ring (1980-92). Executive Editor, The Linking Ring (1992-2007).  Recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts Literary Fellowship (2007). Author of The Magic of Matt Schulien (1959), Fun with a Handkerchief(1969), The Ring and Rope Book (1975), Jim Ryan Close-Up Series (1980), Trevor Lewis Close-Up (1981),Kopdell's Three Card Trick (Editor) (1988), The Knot Collector (1989),Trevor Lewis: Routines Matter (Editor) (2009), The Impostress Princess Expanded (2011). Editor/Publisher for the Jim Ryan Magic Series (4 volumes) and of four booklets by Eugene Burger (Audience Involvement, Secrets and Mysteries, Intimate Power, Burger on Schulien's Card Discoveries). Broken Wand 2014.


Hughie and Virginia first opened The Magic Corner Magic Shop literally in the corner of a wallpaper shop in downtown Cary in 1975. Hughie's warmth and integrity quickly increased the demand for quality magic and costumesupplies and the shop relocated to Raleigh's Hillsborough Street just down the road from North Carolina State University. Broken Wand 2007.


William Wallace Lee was one of North Carolina‚Äôs most noted magicians during the 20th century. For more than four decades, Wallace the Magician entertained countless numbers of school children and general audiences throughout the country. Wallace billed himself as a famous magician, cartoonist, and impersonator. He was well noted for his ability to double talk. Wallace published a number of books and magic tricks including Math Miracles, X-JargonCalendar on the Tip of Your Tongue, and Primer of Doubletalk. Ring #199 is named in honor of this gentleman. Broken Wand 1969. 


Joshua is another highly creative and extremely active professional. He is a truly accomplished magician and actor. His film roles include Clueless, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Feud, Terror on Highway 91, andWindmills of the Gods. Television roles include Step by Step, Sisters, Cheers and Adventures of Brisco County Jr.  Melissa is an accomplished author, actress, director, and producer. 


Publisher of The Trapdoor Magazine. Author of Semi-Automatic Card Tricks (Volumes 1 through 8), Digital Effects - The Magic of Joe Mogar, FFFF-ing Great Card Moves, Gourmet Card Magic, Counter Attack,Noteworthy,Hand-Picked Card Tricks, The Underhand Shuffle, Thimble Dexterity - Joe Mogar and Multiple Impact. Academy of Magical Arts Fellow.

Sir Isaac Newton once wrote, "If I see further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants." Many of us found our way into the performance art of magic through the example, support and kindness of others. This section identifies Ring members with national and international achievements in the art of magic and theater. We are most grateful to these talented and caring members for making this Ring what it is today!


Former proprietor of The Magic Corner Magic Shop. Jon and his wife Kelly have painstakingly preserved the welcoming atmosphere of Hughie Olmsted's original magic shop. Jon and Kelly are avid supporters of The Raleigh Magic Club and Magic Youth Raleigh. 


Dick Snavely was a founding member of Wallace Lee Ring #199. He and his wife Dot opened their basement to area magicians providing a meeting place for more than twenty years. He was always quick to offer a word of encouragement and was a warm and gentle man. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and earned his degrees in English and Drama from Lynchburg College. He taught English and Drama in Newport News, VA then completed his post-graduate degree in Theater Arts at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He joined the Raleigh Little Theater in 1952 as technical director and director-manager. He moved on to WUNC-TV in 1967 where he produced the popular weekly North Carolina People show. He received the Raleigh Medal of Arts forextraordinary achievement in the arts in 1991. The Ring voted unanimously to honor Dick by adding his name to the Ring's title. On September 13, 1997 the club became the Wallace Lee-Dick Snavely Ring. Broken Wand 1997.


Joe toured with a dove and manipulation act with his beautiful wife, Sue, before settling down with a magic shop and the We Are Fun Entertainment Agency in Ohio. Joe created and sold the Lefler Table, still one of the most durable and popular magic tables available today. He was a master carpenter who designed and built beautiful and durable illusions for many of the country's top performers. Joe is best known for his ground breaking Mr. Tricky Balloon Scuplting videos when balloon sculpting was just gaining in popularity. Broken Wand 2012.


Noted television and film actor and magician. John is known for his remarkable portrayal of Mark Twain as well as his classic characters in 10 (1979), Brubaker (1980) and My Best Friend is a Vampire (1981).  He also appeared as Buddy Dornster in WKRP In Cincinnati (1992-93) and as Michael D'Angelo in After Mash (1984). John's stories and personal insight into television and film work along with his unique style of magic makes him a Ring treasure. Broken Wand 2015.


Award-winning columnist and writer for The Linking Ring, The KIDabra Journal, and The Funny Paper magazines. His articles have also appeared in Clowns of America's Calliope and The World Clown Association's Clownin' Around journals. Skip has also authored the I.B.M. Youth Guidebook, The Territorial Vice President Manual, and The New Ring Development Guide used by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Skip is the Territorial Vice President for North Carolina (2008-Present). He has chaired the I.B.M. Youth Committee (2007-2012), the TVP Nomination/Ring Counselor Committee (2012-present), the Ring Coordinator Committee (2012-present), and served on the I.B.M. Executive Committee (2012-2015). He has served as the Ring's Youth Director since the creation of Magic Youth Raleigh in 2007.  He also serves as Ring Historian, Webmaster, and Newsletter Editor. He is a full-time performer entertaining families across the state as Happy Dan the Magic Man, a beloved children and family entertainer reminiscent of popular 50's and 60's television kidshow hosts.


Past Territorial Vice President for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Tom teaches Anthropology at Wake Community College and has led numerous archeological digs around the globe. Pam has served as Ring Treasurer and Secretary.

Please contact the Ring Officers with corrections and additions to a biography and to  nominate a club member, past or present, for Ring #199's Who's Who.



Past International President (1991-92) of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Mike has chaired several vital I.B.M. committees and served as Editor of the informative Ring newsletter for more than ten years.  Mike originated the fun and informative mid-month magic sessions.